Intro Video

Yeah Haus for Nexmo

This project was super fun to work on. Chad and I made it a hodgepodge of styles- cel, lots of illustration, papercut, clay, 3d, mograph and stop motion. Working with a great team, I did the art direction and the papercut/ clay art. I’m especially proud of the illustration in this one- I love the way the characters came out, but also think the backgrounds came out nicely, even though that isn’t my specialty.

Character Design

The only thing the client requested in terms of colour, was that they wanted lots of Nexmo blue– and that’s what the got! I added some of my other fav colours- pinks and purples and BLAMO>>> These people popped out!


Client: Vonage
Directed by: Chad Thompson
Art Direction + Illustration: Michelle Ouellette
3D Animation: Edgar Ferrer, Oliver Dead, Andrew Embury, Chad Thompson
2D Animation: Sebastián Muñoz, Chad Thompson, Andrew Embury, Oliver Dead
Character Animation: Jose Moreno
Stop Motion + Live Action: Chad Thompson, Nicole Finateri
3D Modeling: Oliver Dead, Edgar Ferrer, Andrew Embury
Music: Cool Car Music
Sound Design: Yeah Haus