Character Design

Lucha Libre

I started to concept a short film based on Mexican Wrestlers at Yeah Haus, but the film didn’t get to completion. Here are the character designs and some fun ideas I had for them!

This is MANTIS. She eats a MAN for lunch… and sometimes for a mid-afternoon snack… you know, if she’s feeling peckish and there aren’t any cookies.

You don’t want to run into Mizfortune in the ring. She’ll snap you like a twig and put you in the dreaded Slamma Jamma and you DO NOT want that! Trust me.

No one likes a Mosquito! Especially a MACHO one… you’ll want to avoid this guy.. especially if you don’t like applying calamine lotion every 4- 6 hours.

Luchador Loco: He’s just that… LOCO for wrestling. Finding this guy on the wrong day could put you in the hospital.. OR a pair of matching circus pants!

The baddest of this gang, THUNDERTITS has the experience to put you out. She’s been around.. and around.. forever… and swings her assets at her enemies.. WATCH OUT!