Juana La Iguana is a 90s Latin American tv series who educates children through song. Until recently Juana had only been live action, but when the founders of the series decided to bring Juana back for the newest generation of children she needed a more contemporary design. Working with Rokk3rLabs- I came up with character designs, and continued on to create art for the first game of the series “Juana Y Los Amigos de la Granja” (Juana & Her Friends on the Farm)

Design Process:

Concept Illustrations:

After moving through a few rounds with the client, they decided they wanted Juana to still retain more of her original detail, so working from a photo of 90s Juana and combining it with the more contemporary design, she came together like this:

Here are a few fun assets, the final background (which needed to be continuous) & final game screens: