Getcha Morty Morty

Adult Swim ID
for Yeah Haus

This was one of my favourite projects that Ive had the pleasure to art direct. We wanted the art to reflect Adult Swim's Rick and Morty show and be instantly recognizable as that, but still have that Yeah Haus flair. This job had the added (bonus? giant amount of work?) of needing illustration for every single scene change -- and I believe when it was complete we ended up with a 60+ page document for a 15 second spot. I'm so proud of the way it came out, and as usual our animation team really brought my art to life!


Written & Directed: Chad Thompson
Art Director: Michelle Ouellette
Animatic: Mel McCann
Additional Animation: Jose Goyo Moreno, Michael Abarca, Mel McCann
Additional 3d: Edgar Ferrer
Music & Sound: Chad & Keith Thompson (Cool Car Music)