Before we get into who I am, I think it’s important to get one thing straight: I love to draw. I’ve always loved to draw. I also love dogs, Nintendo, Star Trek and Canada. And oh, yeah, I’m super cool.

My name is Michelle Ouellette and I grew up in Southwestern Ontario, graduated from Toronto’s Sheridan College in 2006 and have since relocated to Detroit, Mi. I’ve previously worked for several advertising agencies as a graphic designer, illustrator and compositor. In 2011 I struck it out on my own freelancing in the animation industry as an illustrator and storyboard artist. In 2013 my husband and I opened Yeah Haus, a small but hearty animation studio in Detroit that focuses on making beautiful videos for some of the best people in the known universe… and I’ve watched enough sci-fi to know.

Most of my days are spent drawing, hanging with the family, toddler + dogs watching cartoons and searching for the perfect flavour of ice cream.

Client Highlights:

Scholastic, Toy Association of America, Google, Oxford University Press, GM, Fangamer, Storytime Magazine, Yeah Haus


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The Awkward Gamer

Gallery Showings:

  • Back to Bits, Online
    “The Nintendo Show” Winter 2016
  • The Little Labs, Burbank CA
    “Mythology”, Summer 2016
  • The Lion’s Nest, Austin TX
    “Tall Tales”, Summer 2016
  • Fan Alley, Anaheim CA
    “WB Animation Show” Summer 2015
  • LTD Art Gallery, Seattle WA
    “From the Toy Box” Winter 2014

Published works:

  • “Tiara Friends: The Case of the Stolen Crown”, Scholastic, Jan 2017
  • “Tiara Friends: The Silk Dress Secret”. Scholastic, Jan 2017
  • Tractor and Digger“, Oxford University Press, Fall 2016
  • “Frog Prince Cover & Interior”, Storytime Magazine Issue 21, Spring 2016
  • 1000 Dog Portraits“, Rockport, Spring 2014  (contributor)
  • “Santa’s New Tradition”, Plymouth Puzzles, Summer 2014